Christmas Around The World

One of my favorite Social Studies units is upon us - Christmas Around the World!

We will be studying and learning about customs and traditions in America, Italy, France, Australia, Mexico and Brazil. In each country, we'll be discussing food, traditions and fun-facts. We'll then compare and contrast the differences and similarities for the Christmas holiday.

Our research will be done with read-alouds from a number of multicultural books, photos, and Google Earth trips. We'll be "flying" around the world and visiting each country as we learn! The class even gets 

We'll record our findings on a class chart together and then children will have an opportunity to record it in their own "research journals", which will go home when we are done. 

This is a super fun and interactive unit full of colorful discussions and neat findings.   It's always fun to see the children's faces as they realize the different foods, customs and that banana trees are deco…


Hi All,

I received a few questions during parent teacher conferences regarding our Science curriculum and I just wanted to address it for all. 

Overall, I am not big on sending home science worksheets.  Instead, I like the students to be immersed in their experimenting and learn from the experiences first-hand. Our experimenting time is full of diverse language, questioning, hypothesis and forming conclusions.  It's very much language based and exploratory and it is sometimes embedded into the rest of the day, without the children even realizing it.

In late September, we helped Mr. Ball plant mums outside.  We have since watched as they blossomed and later died off due to the cold weather.  We also read some books regarding plants and their life cycles.  We will be doing more plant work in the Spring.  

In October, we were able to slice open some apples, inspect their parts, label them and learn about how they grow.  This culminated with our trip to the apple orchard.  

We also had the…

Books! And Other Things, Too!

Hello All!

A few things to touch base on...
1. Your children are INCREDIBLE! We just wrapped up our first units of reading & writing workshops. Both units aim to build students confidence and allow them to declare that they ARE readers and writers. They did wonderful and I am super proud of them all! Check out some pictures of our trip to third grade (where we read to them) today:
2. October book orders are due next Friday, October 25th.  You may order online ( or via check sent in to school.  Ordering is not mandatory and I'll try to send out another reminder next week before the deadline.
3. This Friday, October 18, the PTA is hosting a book fair in school. We will be going at approximately 11:40-12:15. You're welcome to come in and shop with your child, otherwise please send an envelope/baggie that is clearly marked with your child's name and the cash amount if you would like for them to…

September 25 Update!

Our google photos album is up and running.  Please look there for updated photos.  Check your email for the link :)
You'll see that we've been working on our 1-5 number sense the last few weeks.  Working to get a strong understanding that "4" is more then just the number that comes after 3 when counting.  We have learned how to show the number using objects, our fingers, a five-frame, the numeral, the word, and quantify it when counting.  We've done a number of activities to ensure these early skills are strong and consistent.
Check out Jack Hartman's "Subitize to 5" videos on Youtube for extra practice at home!
In ELA (English Language Arts), we focus on three areas; fundations (phonics), reading workshop, and writing workshop.  In Fundations, we work on letters, specifically highlighting their formation and sounds. We have so far covered b, f, t, m and n.
Reading workshop is teaching us to be readers - starting with looking at and understanding t…

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Students and Families,
Welcome to Kindergarten! I hope that you have enjoyed your summer.My name is Miss Giordano and I am really looking forward to being your teacher this year!
Though I have been vacationing on LBI for my entire life, I am new to calling it my home.This will be my first year as a “local” and I am excited for the new adventures and community that await me!I grew up in Rockland County, NY. I received my Bachelors in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from SUNY Oneonta and completed my Masters in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz. I have been teaching PreK for three years, and student taught in First Grade, so Kindergarten is right in my comfort zone!
This year is sure to be exciting and full of adventure, and I cannot wait to embark on the journey together.To the families - I am always up for suggestions and greatly appreciate your participation in our classroom.You are more than welcome to email me at any time with questio…